“The Sangha Stream”  strives to be a resource/ advisory site for practitioners of all levels as well as teachers and invites any and all  to contribute and participate.  Accessing one another’s  wide range of experience and insight builds a firmer and broader base from which to both learn and teach more effectively.  I am happily and most deeply contented being a student for life.
I humbly honor and thank my students who never fail to inspire me and all of the dedicated teachers past and present who have selflessly shared their depths of knowledge with me along the way.  That I reflect in turn that which I have been given is in some small way a gesture of devotion and respect for all those who have come before and all those who will follow.  Om Shanti.

Colleen Kerns- Founder,  ERYT 500

What do we seek? Why are we restless ?  We are human and we are transitory, constantly changing and adapting.   All around us – we witness the cycle of birth through its stages of growth leading inevitably to dissolution and death…this gives us cause for suffering in the proportion to which we are attached to this world.  Just as a person attempts to wade across the swift currents of a river’s flow …searching for something stable, unmovable and permanent in order to steady oneself and rest amidst it’s continuous motion and threat of danger;  So we all seek out our island of permanence.   But it is not something to be found ,achieved or earned, it’s right there within us …. that knowledge which adjusts and realigns our entire perception: WE ARE THAT RIVER, not something separate and apart.  This is the wisdom that can alter the course and meaning of our lives and provide an enduring steadiness and calm that is the real source of happiness and the gate to freedom.   

“When the wise realize the Self, Formless in the midst of forms, Changeless in the midst of change, omnipresent and supreme, they go beyond sorrow”  [Katha Upanisad]

JOIN ME and the fabulous MIND BODY SOUL TEAM for a special 200 HR. TEACHER TRAINING starting mid- September  2016.  This is not just a balanced, comprehensive program designed  for aspiring teachers – but it can serve as a platform for those wishing to deepen and develop their ongoing practice and gain a broader understanding of the ancient wisdom that is the way towards TRANSFORMATION and personal WELL-BEING.  

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